Taxation, Compliance, Tax Planning & Accounting

Cross border transaction and investments have caused complexity and uncertainty in tax matters.
International Taxation is a complex subject that should be tackled only through professional advisory and consultancy.
Our guidance helps in ascertaining the precise tax liability and tax planning.

Wether for national or for international clients as well as for companies or for individuals, Franco Abogados offers his clients tax advisory services and tax matters.

Marbella and the Costa del Sol is an international community. At Franco Abogados, we take pride in the many years that we have assisted our local and international clients with their specific cross-border needs. We guide our clients who wish to transfer wealth from overseas into Spain, on how to navigate the challenging non-resident, income, gift, council tax rules related to the residents, non-resident aliens, and foreign individuals who want to buy Spain situs assets. Foreign citizens who are contemplating a move into Spain also benefit from our pre-immigration tax representation.

Practice Areas:

Specific Consulting: ·Tax planning in general; ·Specialised consulting for any transaction of tax importance; ·International tax; ·Company restructuring tax; ·Comprehensive corporate tax
Taxation of natural persons: ·Comprehensive consulting to natural persons.
Recurring consulting: ·Answers to queries on tax; ·Report preparation
Tax management: ·Preparation and submittal of all types of tax returns; ·reparation and replies to injunctions from the Tax Administration; ·Payment extensions and instalments; ·Census tax register declaration
Tax inspections; ·Representation and assistance in tax inspections; ·Preparation of arguments for contested tax assessments
Dispute; ·Administrative and economic claims before Regional Courts; ·Administrative and economic claims before the Central Court; ·Administrative and dispute appeals; ·Appeals before the Supreme Court

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